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Kasaan Kennels, based in Indiana, USA, was established in 1971 with the commitment in mind to always produce and exhibit only the BEST in quality. 40+ years later, we have lived up to that commitment, having produced and owned over 160 American, Canadian, Australian, Hungarian,and European champions!

Our dogs have been the foundation stock for many top Kennels around the country and world, and we have consistently proved that Quality begets Quality! Since that time we have had the pleasure of owning and or breeding a number of All Breed Best in Show and National Specialty Best in Shows as well as over 90 Specialty winners, Top Producers in the Breed history and top winning dogs & bitches!

Thus, becoming one of the premier kennels around the world!! Keeping in mind that soundness (physically), and temperament (mentally) are the winning key components to a top winning show, working and companion dog. It is our commitment to this magnificent breed, to always hold our standards to that level.

We are looking forward to many more successful years of working, showing and breeding the Alaskan Malamute and most importantly, making new and wonderful friendships along the way!

If you feel that a Kasaan Malamute is what you would like to add to your breeding or showing program, or simply as a family companion .... please feel free to contact me!!!!


Call us at 317-821-2222 or email us at Kasaan Kennels