Rio was shown at his very first show at Louisville, KY March 2001 in the 6-9 month class. Born on September 6, 1999, Rio is a Bounder x Ciara son. Typical of his lineage, he matured slowly and although he picked up points from the puppy class was let grow up before coming back out and finishing at 3 years of age. At 25.5 inches he is a little over standard size. His colour is called a Silver and White, and he has a terrifically thick coat with harsh guard hair. Typical of the breed,

Rio was highly intelligent and loved to work and be challenged. He used to regularly go for fun runs in harness, and was a proven weight puller, having pulled a personal best of 23.75 times his body weight in competition (inside venue on carpet).He had the sweetest temperament, was a terrific influence on our young adults and is just a cool dog to be around.

American Championship
Working Weight Pull Dog Title WWPD










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